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ACE Index: Custom Photo Labs, Mini-Labs and
Digital Service Bureaus,
States & Provinces N-Z

Note: Businesses are listed alphabetically by category, state and province. Many are willing to serve your needs by mail; some accept digital files by ftp, BBS upload, or email attachment. Also check our Retail & Mail Order Index for full service camera stores; many have extensive photofinishing and digital imaging services.

Pick a category, state, or province represented or browse the entire index:
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Hamilton Color Lab, Omaha, Nebraska
Custom photographic services. Dip and dunk C-41 and E-6 film processing, b/w processing, quantity and custom color printing, copies, and dupes. Trade show prints, large format Archiva ink jet prints, hi-res scans, graphic art services, hi-res film recorder output, computer slides. Fuji professional products dealer, Fuji film sales.

Jeff's Quality Custom Photos, Grand Island, Nebraska
Custom photo lab services, including hand developing of black and white, pyro film development, and contact sheets. Quality handmade color and black and white prints, made in the darkroom, one at a time. Custom and exhibition printing.

Midwest Photo Co., Omaha, Nebraska
Full service photo lab and service bureau, founded 1953. C-41, E-6 roll/sheet dip 'n dunk, hand process b/w, quantity & custom color printing, copies, and dupes. Display & backlit prints for trade shows, Big Color ink jet prints, hi-res drum scans, graphic art services, hi-res film recorder output to negs, trans, and slides. Adobe authorized service provider.


Photo Finish, Las Vegas, Nevada
Custom color and black & white photofinishing (E-6, C-41, types R & C prints), hand crafted enlargements, & more. Digital services include drum scans, color laser prints, Mac/PC file output to 35mm slides, 4x5 & 8x10 negs & trans, giant murals, trade show touch screen kiosks and graphics, display trans, electronic brochures. Stock photography.

New Hampshire

Digital Mask, Lebanon, New Hampshire
Since 1989 offering high resolution scanning, image editing, film recording, and fine photographic printing from color corrected digital internegatives. Specializing in digital silver (b/w) and digital dye-transfer prints; Type C and Ilfochrome prints, extensive photo lab, digital imaging, & CD recording services. Information on digital processes and requirements.

Spectrum Photo and Camera, Wolfeboro/North Conway, N.H.
Sprectrum offers one hour photo processing and has added a Kodak CopyPrint Station which allows customers to make copies and enlargements of prints in just five minutes. Customers can crop, zoom in, eliminate red eye and add creative borders to their prints.

New Jersey

Affiliated Photo Labs, Edison, New Jersey
Serving the legal community for more than 15 years. Specialists in courtroom exhibits, photography and video services and model building. High quality color and b/w photo enlargements, enlargements of medical and technical papers, enlarged x-rays, CAT scans, MRI films, etc. Studio and location photography, video production services and more.

Klein & Ulmes Inc., Middlesex, New Jersey
Serving a diverse clientele of photographers, companies and institutions for more than 20 years. E-6, C-41, b/w dip and dunk film processing. 35mm to 8x10 sheet film. Clip tests and push/pull development. Machine and custom color and b/w prints, Duratrans and Duraclear display transparencies, digital internegatives, slide dupes, copying, digital printing, LVT film recorder output. Presentation graphics, mounting and lamination.

NEC New York, Cranford, New Jersey
Digital imaging services for professional prepress industry. High quality scanning, digital retouching, color separations, in-house digital photography studio, film output, stripping, digital proofs, posters, desktop publishing services and more. Files accepted by email and ftp. Toll free number.

Plescia Photo, North Bergen, New Jersey
Developing and printing of APS, 35mm and more, including processing "Adult" material for adults. Imaging services include Photo CD, CD archiving, flatbed scanning, dye sublimation and inkjet prints and transparencies. Sales of film, photographic paper, chemistry, blank CD's, cell phones, and more.

Pro-Set, West Patterson, New Jersey
Traditional photo lab and digital service bureau. Kodak E-6 Q-Lab, slide/transparency dupes, Ilfochrome prints, black and white RC prints, mounting and lamination. Photo and Pro Photo CD scans, CD archiving, dye sublimation and Iris inkjet prints. Sales of digital equipment and supplies. Gallery.

Technical Photo & Imaging, Fairfield, New Jersey
Since 1976 offering all conventional and digital imaging services, including displays, murals, backlit transparencies, hi-res drum scanning, computer retouching and illustration, slides and visual graphics, custom color and black & white labs, dupes, copies, quantity prints, posters, colorjet printing, more. Accepts files via email, US mail, or BBS upload.

New Mexico

Camera Graphics Photolab, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Full service photo lab and digital service bureau. Processing color, b/w, and APS film, custom and machine printing. Photo CD services, scanning, film recorder output to 35mm, 4x5 and 8x10 formats and inkjet overhead transparencies. Fast E-6 with imprinting, murals, mounting and display services. Gallery.

San Miguel Press Commercial Photo Lab, Las Vegas, New Mexico
Mail order black and white photo lab serving amateurs and professionals worldwide since 1989. Film processing, proofing, custom hand-printed enlargements, exhibition prints, toning and copy work. Fast turnaround. Accepts prepaid orders only (checks and money orders, no credit cards.) Toll free number and price list.


New York

Alkit Pro Camera & Rentals, Inc., New York City, New York
Catering to the professional photo market since 1934. Digital services include Kodak Pro CD, Photo CD, Scitex scans, Iris Giclee and Inkjet large format prints, Fujix prints to 12x18, mounting and laminating, retouching, graphic design, Canon Bubble Jet, and CLC. Extensive line of professional photo services includes C-41, B&W, and E-6 processing, reprints and enlargements.

CYMK Film Lab, New York City, New York
Since 1994, E-6 specialists. Refrema dip and dunk processors, clip tests, push and pull processing. Pickup and delivery throughout downtown Manhattan. Fast turnaround. Refrigerated film sales, brands include Kodak, Afga, Ilford, Fuji and Polaroid in E-6, C-41 and black and white emulsions. Monday through Saturday.

Colorite, New York City, New York
Photo lab services include E-6 and Kodachrome processing C-41, slide dupes, 70mm, large dupes, machine and custom prints, murals, b/w processing and more. Digital imaging services include image scanning, Photo CD, Pro CD, Portfolio CD, digital inkjet prints, murals and more. Open till midnight. Read their extensive tutorial "Optimizing Photo CD Scans for Prepress and Publishing."

Color-Tech Imaging Center, Amherst (Buffalo), New York
State-of-the-art photo lab and imaging services since 1981. Professional color and black and white lab, in-house art department and computer imaging. 35mm slides from your PowerPoint and Adobe Persuasion files. Rush services for portrait and studio photographers. Retouching, mounting and lamination. Free catalog.

DuArt Film & Video, New York City, New York
Founded in 1922, the nation's oldest motion picture film processing lab. State-of-the-art film, video, sound and digital post-production services under one roof. DV-HD video transfers to 35mm film, DVD dailies, media to hard drive transfers for desktop editing, digital titling, 4k film scans for prints, film restoration and digital film mastering.

Duggal Color Projects Inc., New York City, New York
Founded in 1963, based in Manhattan's Photo District with 25 departments covering every aspect of photo lab and digital imaging services. Feature on Agfa's Scala b/w transparency film. Extensive information on services and glossary of terminology. Accepts ftp file transfer., New York, New York
Online photo sharing community. Upload digital images. Order real photo prints from digital cameras. Print fulfillment handled by dotPhoto Inc. Create public and private online photo albums. 14 day free trial, one year non-refundable membership costs $30. Members get unlimited storage of .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif files.

Lexington Labs, New York, New York
Minimalist web site. Download service information and the price list in PDF format. Offers a wide variety of alternative processes, including platinum and palladium printing, Van Dyke Brown and Cyanotype prints, gum bichromate, albumen prints, murals, sepia, selenium and gold chloride toning, etc. Black and white film processing, fiber prints. Specialty photographic papers include Palladio Palladium, 100% cotton fiber papers and Centennial POP pre-coated gelatin chloride printing out paper.

Ken Lieberman Laboratories, Inc. New York City, New York
Quality custom prints and transparencies from slides and negatives to any size. Serving commercial and industrial photographers, museums, ad agencies, corporations, governments, architects and designers. The home page reads like a list of Who's Who in Photography. Tips and Techniques and other sections under development.

Minox Processing Laboratories, New Hyde Park, New York
See Mail Order Photofinishers for description.

MV Labs Inc., New York City, New York
Professional black & white photo lab. 35mm to 8x10. Hand processing, equipment and material calibration, choice of developers, RC and fiber based prints from work prints to repro and exhibition enlargements, toning and more. Sales of archival storage supplies. Clients include Annie Leibovitz, Steven Klein, Steven Sebring, Antonin Kratochvil, James Nachtway, Patti Smith and many more artists.

Plattsburgh Photographic Services, Plattsburgh, New York
Cine and movie film processing for 8mm and Super8mm filmmakers. All motion picture films are hand processed. Sales of Super8 film stock.

Progressive rePro, New York City, New York
Custom photo lab processing E-6, C-41 and black & white, quantity and custom C-prints, b/w and Panalure RC prints and Ilfochrome Classic prints (formerly called Cibachrome), slides from flat art work, and dupes. Digital services include slides, 4x5 chromes and o/h transparencies from digital files. Presentation services.

Raffi Imaging, New York City, New York
For more than 27 years, serving leading photographers and designers, Fortune 500 companies, stock houses, museums, and galleries. Complete color and b/w photo lab and digital services, including Pro Photo and Photo CD, murals and backlit transparencies, hi-res drum scans, flatbed scans, hi-res film output, computer generated slides and more.

Spectra Photo Digital, New York, New York
Photo lab and digital imaging services. Description to come.

North Carolina

Dalmatian B&W Custom Lab, Greensboro, North Carolina
A full service black and white digital and traditional lab that has served the photographic community since 1989. Digital products include True B&W Silver Gelatin Fiber Prints, True B&W RC Prints, B&W and Color Giclees. Try our new Direct-To-Print service. Traditional services span Proofing to Exhibition Fiber with black and white dip-and-dunk film processing 135mm to 12”x20”. Scanning & FTP Service available. Toll free 800.603.8107

JW Photo Labs, Raleigh, North Carolina
Professional photo lab services since 1984. Two hour Kodak Q-Lab E-6 processing, 24 hour turnaround on all other work. C-41 and b/w dip and dunk processing. Commercial and custom prints, proofs, internegs and copy negatives, RC and fiber-based prints, Ilfochrome Classic prints. Digital imaging, includes slide and film output, drum scans, image retouching, wide format inkjet prints and more.

North Dakota

Rainbow Photo Lab, Minot, North Dakota
Two locations serving the state for more than 20 years. Photofinishing, poster prints, banners, digital imaging, wedding and portrait photography. Photo restoration, printing and scanning, custom greeting cards. Online photo processing.

Ohio has relocated to Tampa Florida.

Just Fotos, Stow, Ohio
In business since 1981 and on the web since 1995. Internet services include photo tee-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, pillowcases, hats and more. Sales of Hitachi film for video printers.

Robin Imaging Services, Cincinnati, Ohio
Since 1974, professional photo lab and digital imaging services. Kodak Q-Lab. E-6, C-41, black and white dip and dunk film processing, murals, slide dupes, copy negs and transparencies. Custom and machine prints. Mounting and lamination. 60" wide inkjet prints, LightJet 5000 digital prints, hi-res drum scans, graphic design, 35mm presentation slides, Photo CD scans and color laser copies.

Studio 157, Bowling Green, Ohio
Full service photo lab for film and digital photographers. Upload tif and jpg files to in-house ftp servers. Fuji Crystal Archive RA4 prints from wallet size to 11x17. Wide format inkjet prints, C-41 and black & white film processing, 35mm and medium format slide processing, scanning, CD/DVD image archiving and personalized photo gifts.



PhotoSmith, Inc. Tulsa, Oklahoma
Custom photo lab.

Pro Photo Images Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Traditional photo lab and digital imaging services since 1974. Kodak Q-Lab processing E-6, C-41 and b/w. Color and b/w prints from miniature to mural size, Duratrans and Duraflex. Extensive digital services include drum and flatbed scans, high-res film recorder output from 35mm to 8x10, ink jet and offset printing, tradeshow graphics and more. Files accepted on a variety of media, via email and ftp.

Ontario, Canada

Digital Improvements, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Full service post production studio for consumers and small business. Specialists in the transfer and restoration of pictures, slides, film, video and audio at consumer friendly prices. See real customer examples of film transfer, video conversion, photo/slide scanning, digital retouching, slideshow creation and much more. Free estimate, evaluation and personalized service on every order. Film and video transfer to DVD and VHS, DVD authoring, streaming video recording, audio and vinyl transfer to CD, etc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Extensive photo lab and digital imaging services. Processing C-41, E-6, and B&W to 8x10. Contact sheets, internegs, slide dupes, copy negatives and transparencies. Standard, custom prints and display trans to 4x8 feet. Scanning of negatives, transparencies, prints & artwork. Retouching. Output to negatives, slides, trans and inkjet posters.

Jiffy Photo, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Sales of APS and compact 35mm cameras, supplies, film, photo albums and custom framing services. Photo mousepads and tee-shirts. Color and black & white photofinishing services. Flatbed scanning, digital color printing, and color photo copying. In-house portrait studio and one hour lab.

MotoPhoto Canada, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
"Largest chain of franchised photo imaging retail stores in North America." 29 Ontario locations. Online and drop off photofinishing. Personalized photo gifts. One hour 35mm and APS photofinishing. Portrait studios, photo gifts, photo greeting cards, picture frames, film, photos on disk, photo restoration and more. Several hundred locations in the US.

TCN Lab, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Professional photofinishing for portrait, wedding, sports, and commercial photographers. Processing C-41 and B&W film in all sizes to 8x10 sheets, including long rolls. Proofing, murals, photo composites, greeting cards, posters, magazine covers, mounting. lamination & more. In-house design, artwork and retouching. Straight-forward web site.

Throop Photo Image Center, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
In business for over 30 years, specializing in photofinishing and imaging services, processing 110, 35mm and 120, E6, and b&w; reprints and enlargements to 12x18. Copy work and prints from slides. File output to prints. Digital restoration and manipulation. Two locations. Also stocks Kodak and Pentax cameras, photo accessories, darkroom products and supplies. (JAMM Technologies Inc.), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Save your precious memories now by transferring them to DVD. Specialists in digitizing 8mm film, Super8 film, photos, video tape transfers, scanning of mounted slides and negatives. Get state-of-the art technology and personal service from this family owned and operated business. Serves customers worldwide.


Blue Moon Camera and Machine, Portland, Oregon
Traditional photo lab offers processing for C-41 color negative film, C-41 black and white film, true black and white film, E6 slide film, cross-processing, APS and disk film processing, contact sheets and prints, internegatives, copy negatives, copy slides and more. Digital services include prints from digital files, hi-res and low-res scanning negatives and slides to CD.

Bytesmiths, West Lynn, Oregon
Reproduction and pre-press services for photographers and artists. Flatbed scanning, 35mm film scanning and drum scans to CD-Rom and DVD. Short run printing, digital archiving, fine-art giclée prints, wide format inkjet printing on a variety of paper, film and fabric media. Gallery cards, postcards and notecards, marketing materials and brochures. Graphic design, web design/hosting, training and tutoring, custom photography.

Evergreen Film Service, Eugene/Springfield, Oregon
Since 1959 locally owned and family operated. Full range of photo lab and digital imaging services. APS, C-41, E-6 & b/w processing. Machine and custom prints. Film to video transfers. Digital restoration and manipulation of old photos, color laser copies, inkjet posters, film recorder output to slides and negatives, laminating and mounting.

Film Lab, Portland, Oregon
Photo lab offers 2 hour E-6, slide dupes, b/w film processing, internegatives, and handmade black and white prints on your choice of fiber or RC paper. Digital services include 35mm Leaf scans, Agfa Arcus II scans, CD archiving, dye sublimation prints, digital restoration, multimedia creation, & more. Gallery currently features Pulitzer Prize winner David Hume Kennerly.

PhotOregon, Eugene, Oregon
Since 1976, photo lab, studio/ location photography, and digital imaging services. Custom color prints from postcards to murals. Internegs. Hi-res drum scans. Film recorder output from 35mm to 4x5 negatives/trans. Pre-press separations, color corrections, typesetting, art and creative design, composites and more. Trade show and exhibit display services.


Bethlehem Photo Graphics, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Full service photo lab processing C-41, E-6, and b/w. Custom enlargements, copy negatives, slide dupes, and type R prints from slides. Photo greeting cards, calendars, product promotions. Duratrans & Duraflex display services. Slides, photos and negs scanned to floppy or Zip media. Digital restoration, dye-sub output, portrait studio and much more.

DCC Photo, Wyomissing Hills, Pennsylvania
Quality uncensored film processing of nudes, glamour, lingerie or any images. E-6, C-41, B&W 35mm and 120/220 rolls. Reprints, enlargements, copy negs, inter-negs, & slide dupes. Display/exhibition hand printing. Low to hi-res scans, digital retouching and manipulation. Posing guides and print sets. Monthly studio tutorial.

Pro-Image Photo Labs, East Norriton, Pennsylvania
Listing to come.

PhotoGraphic Specialties, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Specializing in computer graphics and imaging since 1987. 35mm slides and overheads created from graphics programs such as Powerpoint, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and most software. Adobe, Corel, and Microsoft approved service bureau. Accepts files by email and ftp file transfer. Free shipping, no extra charges.

Sukolsky-Brunelle, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Description to come.

Visual Sound Company, Broomall, Pennsylvania
Since 1967. Hourly rental of non-linear digital video editing systems, daily rental of video and sound production equipment and much more. Digital services include Photo CD scans, CD archiving, photo restoration and manipulation, poster prints, photo mugs, and pictures by email. See Retail Index for more.



Le Centre de la Diapo, Hull, Quebec, Canada
Established in 1978 and specializing in slide film processing, duplicating, Ilfochrome Classic enlargements and digital imaging services. State-of-the-art processing and printing facility. 3 hour slide processing, push and pull services, sheet film processing to 8x10, slide duping, 35mm scans, digital output to slides, negatives and prints, overheads, and image manipulation services.

Corlab/Cormont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
French and English versions. Since 1972, eastern Canada's largest photographic lab and digital service center. E6, C41 and B/W film processing, 35mm, medium format, sheet film to 11x14. Dupes, internegs, custom and quantity printing. Duraflex, Duratrans, type R and type C prints, Ilfochrome, Duraclear, and Panalure. Hi-res drum scanning of film, photographs and artwork, Photo CD, presentation slides, dye sub and digital printing, mounting, lamination, much more.

Le Laboratoire Contact, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
In French, English version soon. Professional lab founded in 1978. Fuji and Kodak Q-Lab certification, processing E-6, C-41 and black & white film, type R printing, Duratrans and Duraflex display transparencies, mounting, lamination, duping, copying and more. Digital imaging services include hi-res scans, Photo CD transfers, and image retouching.

Photo Maître, Outremont, Quebec, Canada
French spoken here. Photographic supplies, photo albums and used cameras. Custom photo lab and digital services. Processes E-6 and C-41 110, 126, 35mm and 120 film, prints and enlargements, passport photos, copy negatives, copy slides, professional wedding and portrait photography and digital photo restoration

Rhode Island

Crest Photo Labs, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Photo lab description to come.


Chromagraphics, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Over 25 years experience in A/V industry. All services in-house. 35mm and 4x5 film recorder, slide duping, copy slides, 35mm to 8x10 trans scanner, document scanning, color laser duplex printer, overheads, digital retouching, CD archiving, electronic presentations, most current software programs supported. FTP file transfer.

Film Rescue International, Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada
This photo lab specializes in processes no longer generally available for still and motion film, including C-22, K-12, E-4, E-2, EM-25, EM-26, ME-4 and ECO-3. Past success in salvaging images from unprocessed film dating back to the 1930's. Also develops expired film requiring current chemistry. Mailing address in North Dakota for US customers.

South Carolina

Fogle Color Imaging Labs, Aiken, South Carolina
Since 1987 serving the Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina trade area. Large quantity color and b/w prints from 35mm, 120 and 4x5 negatives and transparencies (inter-negative required.) Prints from 4x6 to 30x40 inches. Slide output and imaging services. Accepts ftp file transfer. This artsy site seems to be "under construction."

Midlands Custom Photo Lab, Inc., Columbia, South Carolina
Since 1981 one of the Southeast's premiere digital and photo service bureaus. Processing 35mm to 8x10 sheets of C-41, E-6, and b/w. All photo lab services. Custom, machine, package printing. Duraflex, Duratrans, & 3M Scotchprint graphics. Leaf 45 scans, slide & flatbed scans. Digital slides & prints. Inkjet and electrostatic murals & posters. More.


Chromatics PhotoImaging, Nashville, Tennessee
State-of-the-art service bureau. RGB drum scans from negatives and transparencies. Pro Photo and Photo CD scans, hi-res retouching, manipulation & photo/text/logo compositing, presentation graphics & digital slides. Large format film output from Fire 1000, digital prints and overheads, inkjet posters and backlits. Much more. Email file transfer.

Dury's Professional Photographic, Nashville, Tennessee
Photo lab services.

Luck Color Lab, Cleveland, Tennessee
Description to come.

NEC Inc., Nashville, Alabama
Digital imaging services for professional prepress industry. High quality scanning, digital retouching, color separations, in-house digital photography studio, film output, stripping, digital proofs, posters, desktop publishing services and more. Files accepted by email and ftp. Toll free number.

North Light Imaging, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Precision E-6 lab. Description to come.



Holland Photo Imaging, Austin, Texas
Full-service lab offering traditional and digital processes. Machine reprints from negatives, slides, and digital files; dip-and-dunk E-6 and B&W film processing; C-41 processing/proofing; inkjet/giclee prints up to 24" wide; Chromira digital prints up to 50" wide; custom B&W and color prints from negatives; digital restorations; copy and duplicating services; mail order; and online ordering.

Austin Quantity Photo, Austin, Texas
AQP is a black and white lab, specializing in custom processing as well as quantity promotional packages. Services include RC prints in glossy or matte, wallet to poster size, fiber-based exhibition prints, sepia toning, digital restoration, retouching, scanning, promo packages (photo with caption / logo) from 25 prints on up.

The Color Place, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Traditional photo lab and digital service bureau. Kodak Q-Lab processing E-6 and C-41 (no b/w) from 35mm to 8x10. Machine prints to murals, Types C & R prints, Duratrans and Duraflex. Design services, Photo CD and drum scans, tradeshow graphics, LVT film recorder output. Electrostatic, inkjet and direct digital prints. BBS & ftp file transfer. Six locations in Dallas and Fort Worth.

CoMedia Presentation Graphics, Richardson, Texas
Full spectrum of photolab & digital services, including creative, product, & large format studio photography. Scanning, color-jet imaging, PC/Mac files output to 4x5 film, color and b/w laser prints, banners, display trans, & more. CD & interactive authoring, multimedia, presentation graphics, kiosks, e-catalogs, and 3D animation. Email, ftp, or bbs upload.

Lilac Digital, Austin, Texas
Digital photo restoration, digital retouching service. Accepts file uploads.

Meisel Visual Imaging, Dallas, Texas
Traditional lab services and leading edge digital technology. Kodak Q-Lab processing E-6, C-41, and b/w from 35mm to 8x10. Kodachrome. Proofing, small/large prints and banners. Copy negs/trans, and internegs. Large format digital film output, drum scans, low-res scans, Pro Photo and Photo CD scans, much more. 60 page catalog. FTP file transfer.

PhotoFun Inc. Dallas, Texas
Upload your digital images, order prints, design photo albums, create online galleries and much more with PhotoFun's new online photo sharing resource. Fujifilm color prints from 4x6 to 12x18, photos on canvas, poster-size prints, photo wallpaper, bound photo albums and zapbooks, photo calendars and dayplanners, photo business cards, personalized holiday photo cards, postcards and much more.

Photogem Lab & Digital Imaging, Tyler, Texas
Digital service bureau offering digital photo restoration, enhancement, alteration, computer generated slide presentations and overhead transparencies (choose from eight "styles" and email your text.) Online examples and price list. Three types of output: dye sub prints, hi res film recorder for slides & negs, and Canon color laser copies. Email file transfer.



Borge B. Andersen & Associates, Salt Lake City, Utah
For nearly 30 years, custom photo lab and digital imaging services. E-6, C-41 and b&w developing using Refrema dip and dunk processors. Machine and custom C-prints, type R prints from slides, archival b&w prints, toning, copy work and slide duping. Drum scans, film scans, flatbed scanning, and in-house Photo CD. Fuji Pictrography digital prints, large format Encad inkjet prints, film recorder output of slides and negatives.

Hollywood FotoFix, Lehi, Utah
Wholesale and consumer digital photo restorations, digital retouching, image manipulation and repair. Add or remove people, colorize black and white photographs, change the background. Internet orders only. Large volume accounts welcome. Family owned and operated since 1993. Toll free number.

Replicolor, Salt Lake City, Utah
Since 1955, offering complete photo lab and digital imaging services. Kodak Q-Lab processing E-6, C-41 and b&w. Volume, custom and type R color printing, package printing, Duratrans, poster printing, murals and trade show graphics. slide and film output to 8x10, Canon digital color prints, Iris prints, drum, film and flatbed scans, overhead transparencies, image manipulation and restoration, much more.


Vermont Color Photo Labs, Bennington, Vermont
Local and mail order photofinishing services for more than 50 years. Processing 35mm slide and color print films, APS, 120, 620, 110, 127 and disc film. Reprints, enlargements, copy negatives, slide dupes and more. Poster prints, foam board mounting, scanning and photo restoration. Free postage paid mailers. 16 retail stores in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


Foxchase Photo & Imaging, Alexandria, Virginia
Photo lab and digital service bureau. C-41, E-6 and b&w dip and dunk processing. custom black and white enlargements, C prints, flatbed and drum scans, 35mm slide output, dye-sublimation prints, Sienna digital prints, Encad large format prints, overhead transparencies, digital photo restoration, mounting and more.

PhotoTechlabs, Richmond, Virginia
Custom photo lab specializing in commercial and fine art services. Reproduction and exhibition grade color and black and white prints, film processing, photo restoration, copy work from flat art, slide design, scanning, output, digital restoration, photocomposition, dye-sublimation prints and more.

Photo USA Inc., Roanoke/Lynchburg/Wytheville, Virginia
Full service photofinishing, including APS, C-41, E-6, and B&W. Machine, custom enlargements, slide dupes & video transfer. Digital services: presentation slides, photo business cards, restoration, manipulation and colorization of old photos, hi-res and low-res flatbed scans, inkjet poster prints, and custom design work. Portrait & location photography.


Arscentia, Bellevue, Washington
Traditional lab services no longer available. Services include high-resolution scanning, color correction, image manipulation, retail and point-of-purchase display graphics, photomurals for stores, trade show displays, outdoor exhibits and events, mass transit advertising, corporate, museum and art displays, and posters, banners and presentation graphics. Founded in 1971, formerly a film processing lab known as Wy'east Color.

Ballard Camera, Seattle, Washington
Camera store and one hour photofinishing. Upload your digital files, order prints and photo gifts online. In store develop and print services, reprints and enlargements up to 24”x50', In house E-6 (slide) processing,
prints from slides, slides from prints and prints from prints. Digital printing services, picture frames, photo albums and passport photos while you wait.

Bigink LLC, Seattle, Washington
Wide format printers of tradeshow graphics, banners, vehicle graphics, backlit displays, fabric printing, photo murals, scanning, mounting and finishing.

Color One, Seattle, Washington
Digital imaging and photo lab services. Custom prints directly from your files, or we can scan your original prints, negatives or transparencies. Up to 50 inches wide by any length. Wide format inkjet printing

Group Photographers Association Spokane Valley, Washington
Full service youth sports photo lab "providing youth sports photographers with the very best, most innovative photo products and lab services to help them succeed in a competitive market." Whether a photographer uses digital capture or still shoots film, GPA's workflow system simplifies the ordering process with picture day order forms, online services and more. Sports photo memorabilia include trading cards, magazine covers, photo calendars, Memory Mates composites, plaques, solo and team prints, posters and more.

Ivey Photo Imaging, Seattle, Washington
Closed on June 30, 2008 after more than 30 years in business, regarded by many pro photographers as Seattle's sole remaining professional photo lab. Ivey's reputation for meticulous processing and printing E-6 slide film, C-41 color print film, black and white film and large sheet film made the lab unique in the Pacific Northwest. Originally known as Ivey-Seright, the lab was sold to the ill-fated international Photobition chain which went into receivership in 2001. In 2002 the lab was purchased by former general manager Ron Incontro, restoring the Ivey name until closure in 2008.

Kenmore Camera, Kenmore, Washington
Since 1974, North Seattle's independently-owned camera store. Order digital photo prints online from the convenience of your home. Self-service Noritsu kiosk and in-house C-41 color processing, color prints and enlargements on Kodak Royal paper. CD scans, photo business cards and greeting cards.

Moonphoto, Seattle, Washington
Founded in 1974, a professional custom lab, doing black and white and C-41 color film processing, fiber-based and RC (resin-coated) b&w enlargements, scanning, digital prints, retouching, giclee prints, and traditional optical prints up to 4x6 feet. Located on Greenwood Avenue North.

Pacific Color Inc., Seattle, Washington
Professional photo lab and digital imaging services since 1977. C-41 film processing, proofing and printing. Wedding and portrait photographer services, volume printing, holiday cards, package printing for team sports and event photography, scanning and mounting. Free S.O.S. studio ordering software. Toll free number.

Overlake Photo Lab, Bellevue, Washington
Closed for business in 2005, the last remaining pro quality film processor on the eastside of Lake Washington. Done in by digital and the rapid decline in consumer film developing.

Panda Lab, Seattle, Washington
"Is the professional custom photo lab an endangered species? Not any more....since 1983." Digital and traditional photo printing. Black and white, C-41,and E-6 film processing. Personal service. Limited information on the web site. Located in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

Photoworks, Seattle, Washington
Formerly known as Seattle FilmWorks, acquired by American Greetings Corporation in 2008. Upload digital images, order prints, enlargements and personalized photo gifts such as hard-bound photo books, greeting cards, calendars, prints, tee-shirts, glossy puzzles, key chains, mouse pads etc. See Mail Order Photofinishers for complete details.

Prolab Visual Imaging Services, Seattle, Washington
Prolab closed their doors in 2008 after serving Seattle's photographic community for more than 25 years.

Quicksilver Photo Lab, Bellingham, Washington
Providing high quality photographic services for over 22 years. Upload and order prints online from the comfort of your home. Self-service photo kiosk and in-store photo lab processes all film formats up to 4x5". Digital prints from your camera's memory card, enlargements and reprints, passport photos while you wait. Transfer all your old color and b&w photos to CD/DVD with the "Shoebox Scanning Service."

R&R Custom Color Lab Inc, Spokane, Washington
"Trusted by professional photographers for over 31 years." Still processing roll film and sheet film to 8x10".  Color corrected prints and enlargements up to 30x60"/ Proofs and ready-made templates, personalized photo products for sports and event photographers. Photo greeting cards, volume prints, digital retouching services for portrait and wedding photographers. Film scanning, mounting, laminating and more.

Robi's Camera Center, Lakewood (Greater Tacoma), Washington
In business for more than 30 years Robi's Camera Center offers one hour photofinishing, prints, enlargements, prints from your digital camera memory card, wide format printing, Giclee art prints using pigment-based inks, infrared and black and white film hand processed, hand printed b&w enlargements, matting and picture framing.

Seattle FilmWorks, Seattle, Washington
Now known as - see above.

Spokane Photo Restoration, Spokane, Washington
Stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached and faded photos digitally restored. "Send your images to us online or bring them in to our studio." Sensible tips on protecting your photographs and common photo storage mistakes to avoid.

Van Horn, Freeland (Whidbey Island), Washington
E-6 film processing by mail. Developing Kodak Ektachrome and Fujichrome 35mm and 120/220 sizes. Slide mounting and sleeving. Pull processing available on request. In-house Noritsu QSF-R410-3U processor, Photo-Therm Sidekick processor, X-Rite 820 densitometer, Polaroid ProPalette 7000 film recorder for creating slides from your digital files and other professional grade lab equipment.

Wirsche Custom Photo Lab, Spokane, Washington
No web site. Address is 127 W Indiana Ave, Spokane, Washington 99205. Phone: (509) 327-9651.

West Virginia

York Photo Labs, Inc., Parkersburg, West Virginia
See Mail Order Photofinishers for description.


Munroe Studios, Inc., Neenah, Wisconsin
Commercial photo studio, digital imaging and professional photo lab. Flatbed and hi-res scans, large format inkjet prints, film recorder output from 35mm to 8x10. Extensive photo lab services, processing E-6, C-41 and B/W, large color and b/w prints, quantity printing. Duraflex, Duratrans tradeshow displays, copy negatives, internegs, dupes, and much more.

Sprint Labs / Image This, Inc., Racine Wisconsin
Description to come.

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